In partnership with our subsidiary company Ville, we deliver customised hopper systems. These systems are perfectly suited to our bag filling installations but, if required, we can customise them to suit your existing systems instead.


Our hopper systems are usually constructed from steel with a final coating chosen by the customer, if applicable. However, we are now building more and more hopper systems in other materials, such as stainless steel, with or without a final coating. This is a particularly good solution if you work with corrosive materials. Stainless steel is very robust and guarantees the quality that you have become accustomed to from Halk.


As is the case with all our other products, our hopper systems can be customised such that they are perfectly geared to your bag filling installations. At the customer’s request, we can also equip hopper systems with level indicators so that they can be used to control bulk conveyor belts. This guarantees that products are fed in at the optimum flow rate and that the installation works as efficiently as possible. All without the risk of the feed drying up or overflowing. Halk’s hoppers are, furthermore, fitted with dust hoods, a standard feature which minimises dust nuisance at your place of work.